[Olsr-dev] Looking for developer feedback on olsrd.conf values

Fred Moyer (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 22 23:16:16 CET 2009


I'm looking for some feedback on a suggested FishEye based OLSR
configuration file on open-mesh.com devices.  These are static wifi
mesh networks in various configurations.  I've been seeing some route
switching in cases where there is short bursts of UDP traffic on the
devices, so I was looking to make the routes a bit more stable.

The current OLSR conf is here -

Below is my modified version based on reading through the OLSR docs
and source.  Please feel free to comment on my changes here,
especially if it doesn't look like it is doing what my comments said.
Many thanks in advance!

The big change is with the HelloInterval and HelloValidityTime.  They
are setup based on the suggested calculations in

However, the HelloInterval is kept at 6 seconds, as the current
configuration is.  So this gives a 5 minute window over which 100%
OLSR packet loss would cause a route switch.  This *should* make the
routes more stable to packet loss from interference from user and
system traffic.


DebugLevel 0

IpVersion 4
AllowNoInt yes

# bump the pollrate in between the existing ROBIN 0.5 and the fisheye
default of 0.05
Pollrate 0.1

# defaults from files/olsrd.conf.default.lq-fisheye
TcRedundancy 2
MprCoverage 7
LinkQualityFishEye 1

LinkQualityWinSize 100
LinkQualityDijkstraLimit 0 9.0
LinkQualityLevel 2
UseHysteresis no

# require a 50% link quality difference for route switch
# http://www.olsr.org/?q=sticky-gateway
NatThreshold 0.5

Interface "ath0"

  # set the HELLO validity time to the HELLO interval multiplied
  # by the LinkQualityWinSize, from README-Link-Quality.html
  # This configuration will cause a route switch in 5 minutes with
  # a 100% HELLO loss, 10 minutes with a 50% HELLO loss
  HelloInterval 6.0
  HelloValidityTime 600.0

  # defaults from files/olsrd.conf.default.lq-fisheye
  TcInterval 2
  TcValidityTime 500.0
  MidInterval 25.0
  MidValidityTime 500.0
  HnaInterval 125.0
  HnaValidityTime 125.0

LoadPlugin "olsrd_txtinfo.so.0.1"
  PlParam "port" "8090"
  PlParam "Host" ""

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