[Olsr-dev] About quagga-0.98.6-olsr.diff

Giampaolo Mancini (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 2 13:39:22 CEST 2008

while trying to test the quagga plugin I noticed that the
"lib/quagga/quagga-0.98.6-olsr.diff" mentioned in
"lib/quagga/README_QUAGGA" is no more in the source tree since
repository changeset 1171[1].

I'm wandering if this is because a wrong commit or if Quagga does not
need anymore this patch to work properly with the OLSR Quagga plugin (I
am asking because i did not find any reference to this in the mailing

Anyway, it seems that Debian's Quagga is not able to recognize and
display properly the OLSR routes inside its *vty shells if that patch is
not applied.

While testing the code I took the opportunity to upgrade the 
quagga-0.98.6-olsr.diff to work with latest Quagga's releases (see
attached quagga-0.99.x-olsr.diff). I tested it both with Debian's
quagga-0.99.5-5etch3 and quagga-0.99.10-1 source packages and it seems

Hope this helps.

See you,

[1] http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd/rev/ac44514365ae

Giampaolo "mancho" Mancini
  Wi-Next Labs
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