[Olsr-dev] config parser

Alina Friedrichsen (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 27 21:46:27 CET 2008

Hi Bernd!

> "That patch" from March needs work because both of olsrd and libuci
> changed.
> But I don't think that going with 2 config-file syntax parsers is even
> remotely sexy in any way.


> Hmmm, which piece of software writes/generates that config file on
> Kamikaze?


> I assume there are hooks and/or other means to adapt to the config  file
> since usually the provisioning entity has to adapt to the provisioned
> device/software (and *not* vice versa).

What do you mean with this? My native language is german.

I like the concept of having a second instance that generate the final os specific, technical config from a more semantic user friendly system registry like UCI.

I dream to use XML for it. So that I can use on a desktop system XSLT (like regular expression for XML, but make it much easier to transform complex data.) for it and on embedded systems I want to write a XML CLI that work like "uci export" (SAX like) so you can write the XML transformation in normal shell scripts.


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