[Olsr-dev] OLSRd 0.5.4 and 0.5.5 with ETT available

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 13 18:39:15 CET 2008

On Thursday 13 November 2008 18:13:02 Daniel Nitzpon wrote:
> Henning Rogge schrieb:
> i don't know much about the pleasures and awes of pulling data out of
> drivers and around between user and kernel spaces, so i can't really
> judge if horst does it in a way that is helpful for your purposes, but
> at least on openwrt it gets to this data somehow...
> see http://br1.einfach.org/gitweb?p=horst
Horst is a great tool, but unfortunately it use a rawsocket and radiotap 
headers... this consumes too much CPU power on an embedded router for our 
routing daemon.

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