[Olsr-dev] OLSR IPs for node with multiple interfaces

Axel Neumann (spam-protected)
Fri May 2 10:40:58 CEST 2008


On Mittwoch 30 April 2008, you wrote:
> in my opinion the real problem ist NOT which network masks you want to
> configure,..
> but using two wireless interfaces on the same channel may make problems,
Can you describe which ?

> .. 
> why do you want to do this??
1. A community has agreed to only use one channel/bssid/netmask/broadcast) for 

2. consider a wireless scenario like this:


where A, B and C are locations with mesh nodes.
The distance between A-B can only be made with a directional antennas.
B should also have a omniantenna to serve other local nodes (like C).
Therefore I want to configure node B with two radio interfaces.
Also imagine a node D appears in the line between A and B with physical 
connectivity to B0 and B1 !

> and using different subnets will surely
> not stop all possible problems of this,..


> you mix up things, even in a cabled mesh, it using either one won`t
> work,.. because the next node will take "another" one, and sooner or
> later a loop is achieved,..
> but this is no problem in olsrd points of view, which creates hostroutes to
> every other node,..

Sorry, I'am still unsure if i understand correct. So you mean olsr should be 
able to handle such situations without problems?
Or is it more that such case is not foreseen and therefore not expected to 
work properly. 

Thanks a lot,

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