[Olsr-dev] No routing Node howto

José Manuel Chorro Boix (spam-protected)
Thu May 1 13:27:56 CEST 2008

Hi every body. First of all: I am a freshman in olsrd. So do not get angry with
me if  I make nonsence question.

When I set a network, and use olsr to discover routes, I would like not all the
nodes to participate as routers. I mean I would like same routers not to do
forwarding of data trafic (but do forwarding of the olsr data if necesary)
I tried to do so setting the willingness param at 0. but when desactivating that
node supose breaking the net the willingness is automaticaly set to 6.

I can get the effect desactivating the forwarding at the OS level in linux:

echo > 0 /proc/sys/network/ip4/ip-forwarding.

But olsr does not realice of that and keeps setting routes through that node.

I think I could do that changing the olsrd code but may be there is an easier
way or the issue is solved with some pluging.

Thankyou very much and regards.

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