[Olsr-dev] Timing Bug in the Scheduler, with Patch

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 30 16:17:08 CET 2008

nice catch, many thanks !

added to CVS and HG.


Andreas Jacobs wrote:
> Hi,
> I've found a bug in the scheduler that makes the scheduler poll less 
> often than it should.
> Reason:
> After each iteration of the scheduler's main loop the scheduler 
> calculates, how much time this iteration took, and then sleeps for the 
> rest of the scheduler interval. The bug lies in the calculation of the 
> elapsed time, which is converted from a tick count to a 'struct timeval' 
> which consists of a seconds value and a microseconds value. The seconds 
> are filled in correctly, but the microseconds field is filled a 
> milliseconds value instead of a microseconds value.
> Consequently the elapsed time is always underestimated and afterwards 
> the scheduler sleeps too long.
> Patch:
> - against recent mercurial revision (0fc82e1fb7ee)
> - introduces a new variable milliseconds to avoid calulation the 
> milliseconds twice, as it is currently
> - corrects the line which sets the 'tv_usec' (microseconds) field of the 
> 'struct timeval time_used'
> Regards
> Andreas

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