[Olsr-dev] olsr simulator or testbed

Ruben Garat (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 30 14:27:43 CET 2008

Hi, we are doing our degree thesis in software engineering which is embedded
in a project to bring connectivity to rural areas, using olsr,  and are
evaluating using Avahi over OLSR + BMF plugin as the Service Discovery

So far everything is working fine, we used NS-2 (the simulator from hell) to
see how well mpr flooding scales, and created a small testbed of linksys
routers and pcs, to test everything works in a small scale.

Now we would like to test everything in a bigger scale, and were wondering
what do you use to test olsr, like User mode linux, or vmware or something
like that.

Also we are evaluating how this solution compares with OLPC which also uses
Avahi as we are from Uruguay and they are being deployed.


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