[Olsr-dev] Bug in timing out stale TC entries

Erik Tromp (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 25 09:51:46 CET 2008

> | By the way, according to the next constant I would expect 
> the edges to 
> | dissapear within 15 seconds:
> | /*
> |  * Garbage collection time for downed edges  */ #define 
> | OLSR_TC_EDGE_GC_TIME (15*1000) /* milliseconds */
> thats is right, thats perhaps a bit too aggressive. (i got 
> good results starting with 2000ms)

In my experience the downed edges are in some cases never
removed at all.

> | If an edge is marked 'down' in some way or another, it would be nice 
> | to see that in the debug info.
> | 
> | I guess I'll have to make an update in the bmf code now...
> while you are at it - could you add also some code to display 
> the flags when displaying the topology set.
Ok, I made the changes in the code and did a 'hg commit'. How
do I push the changes into the repository? I did a 'hg push'
but that didn't work:

(spam-protected):/home/erik/Repositories/olsrd.sourceforge.net/olsrd# hg push
pushing to http://olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd/
abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

My repository was created by cloning, according to the help given at
http://www.olsr.org/?q=mercurial by entering the command
'hg clone http://olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd/ '.

Should I instead do a
'hg clone ssh://username@olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd' ?
I tried that but it timed out. Do I need a username login?

(spam-protected):/home/erik/Repositories/ssh.olsrd.sourceforge.net# hg clone ssh://eriktromp@olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd
abort: no response from remote hg!
remote: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

By the way, the http://olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd/ link is extremely
slow at some times.


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