[Olsr-dev] Fixed Point Math Patch - please apply

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 14 10:00:44 CET 2008

looks good, many thanks !

have applied it to sf.net mercurial repo with the 2008 copyright change
altogether with some minor cleanups for breaking down lines > 90 chars.



On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 08:16:24AM +0100, Sven-Ola T?cke wrote:
| Morning,
| fixed point math seems to run. On a standard WRT (Mips, 200Mhz) it saves 
| around 50%. On my PC it saves nothing (that can be measured currently). I 
| have a web camera with ~ 25 Bogomips where I can see no saving at all. You 
| can find the patch here - please apply:
| http://ff-firmware.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/ff-firmware/ff-devel/101-olsrd-fpm.patch

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