[Olsr-dev] Fixed Point Math Patch - please apply

Sven-Ola Tücke (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 14 08:16:24 CET 2008


fixed point math seems to run. On a standard WRT (Mips, 200Mhz) it saves 
around 50%. On my PC it saves nothing (that can be measured currently). I 
have a web camera with ~ 25 Bogomips where I can see no saving at all. You 
can find the patch here - please apply:


Technical Info:

Fixed point math replaces floating point calculations by integer counterparts. 
The 20 higher bits of a typical 32 bit hold the digits before the deciaml 
point > 1.0, the lower 12 bits hold the digits after the decimal point. An 
old trick, e.g. use in gaming to speed up calculations, because long (+-*/) 
long is always faster than float (+-*/). Of course, all calculations and 
automatic number conversions have to be found and adpated.

To help in debugging, I added and #ifdef USE_FPM to toggle betwenn FPM and 
normal maths. We can remove that at a later stage if we are sure it works 
correct. For this, I added CPPFLAGS+=USE_FPM to the central Makefile.inc. 

Also critical: When using 20+12 bits, one have to check for overflows and 
underflows. This is done by a number of assert() statements active only if 
you compile with "make DEBUG=1". The olsrd compiled in this way will of 
course save no CPU cycles.

I only converted some critical parts to FPM - theres still floating point math 
left inside (e.g. the config file parsing and the int-to-double-vtime stuff).

@Eric: In the BMF Plugin, there is something like maxETX=2*INFINITE_ETX and a 
calculation like etx1+etx2 without a range check against the INFINITE_ETX 
value. For this reason, I adapted BMF in a way that it still uses floats.

The patch is double licensed as required (both BSD and GPL2).

P.S. AFAIK, the patch programme does not like mixed licensed patches - so with 
the above sentence the patch should not output the standard license error 
codes <ggg> Also I really do not care about the BSD - FSF license combat. Yes 
I know - some day a gun/car/bomb with an "powered by olsrd" sticker on it may 
be spotted in the supermarket. C'est la vie...

// Sven-Ola

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