[Olsr-dev] ignore Route exists and no such process

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 21 17:03:48 CET 2008

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 01:20:16PM +0100, Markus Kittenberger wrote:
|    Hi
|    I just wrote a simple (but os-independent) plugin for inserting missing
|    routes into kernel,..
|    This one is os-independent, and just inserts all routes at a
|    configureable interval

can you please define *all* routes -
it is my understanding that olsrd already does a full SPF run
including post-processing results and inserting routes into the
kernel if there is a mismatch.
|    I also plan another plugin (route_mon) using rtnetlink broadcast
|    messages, to react immediately on extrenal route deletions,..

thats probably a bit too far out - a first step would be to
periodically resync kernel routing table next-hops and the olsrd RIB.
just query for proto 111 routes or routes that we have in our RIB

|    while writing the plugin i also patched the linux specific parts of
|    kernel route processing, handling "File exists" and "No such process"
|    for the current olsr code completely similar to successful
|    insertions/deletions, and providing return valöues to distinguish
|    between if needed,..
|    any comments?
|    is it ok to push it to tip (together with my plugin, which relies (only
|    for meaningful syslog/debugoutput) on the new return values of
|    olsrd_add_route())
|    curent code of the simple plugin is here
|    [1]

please hold off doing that - i can create a privae branch where you can work
on and commit/push your stuff to.


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