[Olsr-dev] report mac os x 10.5

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 21 16:30:27 CET 2008


I got the chance to test now on mac os x 10.5.6.

Same problem as on my laptop (10.4): olsr packets are sent out on the  
wire :(
I hear the other node but of course nobody can hear me.

I suspect it is still the sendto() adress family issue.

(aka: AF_INET family problems ;-)) )


--- snip --- tcpdump ---
15:14:58.891417 IP > OLSR, seq  
0xc888, length 20
15:15:06.879165 IP > OLSR, seq  
0xc889, length 20
15:15:14.866704 IP > OLSR, seq  
0xc88a, length 20
15:15:22.854277 IP > OLSR, seq  
0xc88b, length 20

my node:
other node:

version: olsrd tip as of now
otherwise enabled: tun device (openvpn)

firewall disabled:
ultrastabil:olsrd aaron$ sudo ipfw list
65535 allow ip from any to any
ultrastabil:olsrd aaron$

no single packet leaves the wire / wifi card

running everything in gdb, breakpoint at src/bsd/olsr_sendto() : -->  
the function olsr_sendto is not even called once!!
We should take a look at that :))


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