[Olsr-dev] Which version of olsrd do you recommend for wide deployment?

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 18 16:13:12 CET 2008


we have been quite some bugfixing of TIP (the development repository).
in the last two weeks - the good news is that it runs stable now. -
in the coming days we will be backporting all those stability improvements
to 0.5.6 and will release 0.5.6-r4 after xmas.



On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 03:56:53PM +0100, Harald Geyer wrote:
| There has been quite some noise about severe bugs in the stable
| branch lately. I lost track of which version is affected by which 
| bugs ... Now I wonder which version to give to rather unexperienced
| users that don't want to deal with crashes and routing problems
| because olsrd randomly sets link costs to INFINITE etc.

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