[Olsr-dev] Comments regarding the talk of Thomas Clausen at metalab

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 20 13:21:11 CEST 2008

> There are at least three devices in the funkfeuer net testing our
> setup since about 4 weeks, but there are still some issues (unrelated
> to olsr) which prevent us from suggesting wider deployment. See the
> (german) wiki page for more info if you are interested:
> http://wiki.funkfeuer.at/index.php/Arbeitsgruppe_Software_AdhocBridge

> I think this setup will be difficult for 3-channel devices (3 routers
> connected by switches),

my testsetup consists of a linksys with 2 foneras attached as bridge and 1
5ghz bridge,... and olsr runs on 4 interfaces

> because we will not know which channel/router
> received the package. This is not important now, but it will become
> important
> for MIC metric (channel/collision aware routing).

The current limitation is only the cpu power and vlan ability of the main
router, as we seperate different bridges using vlans (a practice we already
use with 5ghz bridge-devices)
On an linksys/buffalo you can configure up to 15 vlans, but usually you will
only want to use 4 bridges with them as you only have 5 ethernet ports (and
you probably want 1 downlink), but you can use up to 15 when using an
additional external switch (which at least passes vlan tags), with nested
vlans maybe even more but i never tried/needed it
if the main roter has no built in vlan limitation you can make your setup as
big as you want as you will never havbe more than 4096 routers on a single
place (-;
to make configuration of this bridges easier we plan to make an ipkg for the
main router handling the vlans and olsr configuration, and integrates
configuration of the bridges into the webgui of the main router (wireless
settings, wlan scanning)
the bridges itself have no gui at the moment, using only an
autoconfiguration script to detect the main router, and choose a locally
unique management ip for themselve
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