[Olsr-dev] question on: LinkQualityMult

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Fri Aug 15 16:10:01 CEST 2008

Hi OLSR crew,


Since some days I use the olsrd-0.5.6-rc7. The LinkQualityMult parameter is
handled differently compared to olsrd-0.5.5 which makes some troubles for me
and I want to know if that is by design or not.


In olsrd-0.5.5 the LinkQualityMult parameter was uses as a factor to
multiply the LQ value with.

I used a LinkQualityMult factor of 100 to get the
ETX=1(LQ*LinkQualityMult*NLQ) < 1 .. which leads to an always preferred


With the olsrd-0.5.6-rc7 a LinkQualityMult value of 100 leads to a very low
LQ . and therfor a very high ETX . 


Is the LinkQualityMult somehow different implemented from been a simple
multiplicator in the current OLSRD ? Or are there some range checks done
before to limit this LinkQualitiyMult to a certain range ?


Ps: As a workaround I could set the default LinkQualityMult to 0.5 and the
one I would prefer to IP:1 .. but I would like the other way around to just
artificially decrease dedicated ETX, not the whole mesh instead.


Thank Thomas


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