[Olsr-dev] link quality vs. application packet loss

Victor lyamtsev (spam-protected)
Wed May 30 12:14:45 CEST 2007

I tried to compare packet loss reported by OLSR demon ( Linux ) and "iperf'"
I am running between 2 wireless ad-hoc nodes
and I wonder why I don't see clear correlation... OLSR reports  ILQ = 0.3 (
70 % packet loss ??) for "transmitter"  node  when  I don't  stream any
data. What makes this packet loss percentage so high?  Can someone advise me
on what I can manipulate to change the number?
I tried to send  enough UDP packets to "congest" the channel enough to cause
70-80% packet loss in  "iperf". The ILQ number can fluctuate up and down for
breif moments but on average stays the same. Should't "Hello" packet loss
change on the congested link? Is there any difference on how "Hello" traffic
is treated from application traffic, e.g. does it have higher routing
Thank you,
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