[Olsr-dev] OLSR on WinCE

Denis Martin (spam-protected)
Mon May 28 20:22:16 CEST 2007


there were several posts about the WinCE port of OLSR, so I think I should 
mention that I managed to get it working:

As cross-compiler, I used CeGCC, a free GCC based PocketPC compiler for 
ARM available at http://cegcc.sourceforge.net/
It uses a small wrapper-dll to provide some UNIX style compatibility (a 
bit similar to cygwin). Under Windows, you'll need cygwin in order to run 
the compiler/make system.

Additionally, there were some changes/fixes necessary (e.g. some strings 
needed to be 16-bit strings for LoadLibrary etc). Also some Makefiles 
needed to be adopted for the wince target.

The complete source for version 0.5.0 with all my changes is available at 
(type 'make OS=wince' to compile it).

Some binaries can be found here:

This version has been tested on a PocketPC and Smartphone 2003 Emulator 
and seems to work with a i386-Linux version of OLSR (using a virtual 
network adaptor on the emulator).

Feel free to incorporate any of my changes to the main OLSR tree (I'm 
sorry that I cannot do it myself, since I'm somewhat thin on time at the 

Hope, that helps a bit ;)



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