[Olsr-dev] topology again

Kim Hawtin (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 4 03:32:50 CEST 2007

Javier Aragón del Caz wrote:
> Hello: (i'm here again)
> i've read all your answers about how to print topology information! Now
> i'm trying using the dot_draw plugin! and in a workstation it works so
> well... Now i've got two problems:
>     first:  i've got a PDA (N800) where some aplicattions are not
> supported,
>         and i have to use it in my project (this is a small problem).
>     second:    what I really need is to access the topology information
> with an
>         external application. What i really want to now is how is it stored
>         internally. (this is my real problem).
> I'm doubting cause i have to start my project but i don't know what
> programming language use (it's between C or Java). I've seen that olsr
> is implemented in C,
> but i'm a bit better implementing with     Java, and with JNI y can
> access data stored in C.
> So, i ask again for your help! and i'm thankfull of your answers.
> thanks to all of you!

I have used the perl script on this page to visalise our network;

It should be a nice place to get you going...


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