[Olsr-dev] [olsr-dev] Quagga plugin fixes

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 2 18:51:57 CEST 2007

Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 10:25 +0200, Sven-Ola Tuecke wrote:
> [...]
>>the routing-cleanup-Patch changes the old function-table-hookup method of 
>>quagga to a more simple approach (_one_ function pointer suitable for 
>>chaining). This may need mergeing.
>>Because of several fixes I change the status of the routing-cleanup and 
>>policy-routing patches from "experimental" to "recommended-for-testing". My 
>>current patchset for olsr-0.5.0 is located here (100* - 170*):
> 120-bmf-1.5.patch and 130-httpinfo-bufsizefix.patch are in (and
> 100-cvs.patch trivially too).
> 160-nameservice-cleanup.patch changes only whitespace (or not)?
> Perhaps Immo can comment on 140-routing-cleanup.patch and put it in his
> SVN repo.
> Or someone in Vienna looking after the border router can merge the most
> recent version from the SVN repo and the above patch and use it in RL.
> 150-policy-routing.patch includes two functions from busybox - which is
> GPL. So I'm quite reluctant to merge it into the CVS. I'm more thinking
> about converting (at least for Linux) the ioctl() to netlink sockets
> even if it doesn't allow using a different routing table than the
> default one. And IIRC it didn't work for me the last time I tested it.
> Have to try again.
> 170-olsrd-nameservice-latlon.patch looks simple and nice.
>>One note: 110-spf-refactoring is excluded currently due to wrong metric 
>>calculation (which is a minor bug - we maybe simply tolerate this, CPU 
>>saving is approved and fine).
> Hmm, Hannes, can we fix that minor bug?

i am still not 100% sure what the problem is.
i got an email from sven-ola and i interpret it either as

1. routes with a hopcount of > 3 should not be installed in the kernel
2. routes with a hopcount > 3 should be installed with a metric of 3 in the kernel
3. something completely else

sven-ola - can pls you clarify ?


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