[olsr-dev] OLSR-NG kickoff

aaron (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 24 12:29:18 CET 2007

Dear reader,

    we - http://www.funkfeuer.at - a free wireless community network  
in Vienna - are proud to announce our first official olsr-ng  
workshop. If you happen to be around in Vienna on

    * Saturday, 27th of January
    * 14:00 - 18:00    (going out & party afterwards, open end)

then feel invited to join us at our http://olsr.funkfeuer.at - OLSR- 
NG project presentation.

     * Location: http://www.metalab.at/wiki/Lage

Who should attend?

* Researchers and students of computer sciences or similar fields who  
are interested in working in the field of mobile ad-hoc networks  
* You should be good at C programming in addition

What is OLSR-NG?

Worldwide, many community WLAN networks work with OLSR (RFC 3626) as  
a base internal routing protocol (c.f. www.olsr.org for a  
reasonable implementation).
However the most commonly used implementation from olsr.org has -  
although it is very adaptable and in fact was adapted many times - a  
few drawbacks which we can notice in real existing WLAN community  

Thanks to our sponsor www.netidee.at (IPA/www.nic.at) we are able to launch a 
bounty  competition for enhancing OLSR. We call this new project "OLSR- 
NG" (next generation). But you can substitute any name you like -  
batman-olsrmix or whatever. The point being:

 >> The very best approaches and patches for OLSR will be rewarded  
with money prizes in addition <<<

The central goals of OLSR-NG are:

   * scalability: we want to scale up to 1000+ nodes (real world, not  
    if possible. Simulations will be helpful but won't count.
   * improve and/or replace the basic algorithms (fisheye/ETX/MPR/...)
   * improve the C code for the current olsr.org implementation  
(+security audit)
   * write a new RFC from the results we have learned .

Details will be presented on Saturday, 27th. of Jan. (language will  
be english for international guests)

Thanks go to funkfeuer.at and especially www.netidee.at (NIC.AT /IPA) who
made this  possible.

---- snip ----


14:00		opening, general intro, what is freifunk, what is funkfeuer,  
what is OLSR-NG ?
        problem description
15:00       break
15:15		intro into OLSR and other MANET protocols (same presentation  
as dec 2006)
16:00       break
16:15		Detailed Description of the olsr.org algorithms and currently  
implemented improvements (ETX,fisheye)
16:45		Code demonstration  & analysis (by Bernd Petrovitsch)
16:15       break
17:30		Details of new algorithm ideas... forming of groups for special  
  . ...

19:00		going out to a typical "Schnitzelhaus" [1]

[1] Adlerhof, Burggasse 51, http://www.lokalfuehrer.at/?site=detail&id=1469

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