[olsr-dev] Re-send: new version of OLSR multicast plugin

Erik Tromp (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 15 17:53:29 CET 2007

A new version (v1.3) of the OLSR Basic Multicast Forwarding (BMF) plug-in is available.

Here is the change log with respect to the previous version:

* Added the possibility to configure the BMF network interface: name (e.g. "bmf0"), type (tun or tap), IP address and subnet mask.
* Flooding of local broadcast packets (e.g. with destination IP address can now be turned off by configuration.
* When an application sends packets to the BMF network interface, BMF also floods these packets over the OLSR network. This makes it
possible to use the BMF network interface as *the* multicast network interface; no more worries about which network interface to use
for sending and which for receiving.
* Removed the TTL decrementing. This makes it possible for equipment, connected to a non-OLSR interface, to send their IGMP messages
(TTL = 1) to a fixed multicast router (running e.g. mrouted - DVMRP) on another host in the OLSR network. In this way, a whole OLSR
network, including its non-OLSR capable hosts, can be made multicast-routable from a fixed multicast-enabled IP network.
* Removed the check for 'IsNullMacAddress' when creating a network interface object. The check was not necessary. Removing the check
makes BMF work on non-ethernet interfaces such as a ppp interface.
* Bug fix: in case there are multiple OLSR interfaces, when an application sends packets to one OLSR interface, BMF did not flood
these packets via the other OLSR interfaces. This is fixed. Also, packets sent to an OLSR interface are transmitted on the non-OLSR

The source package can be downloaded at Sourceforge, search for 'olsr multicast forwarding plugin'
(somehow providing the direct URL seems to cause this mail to be bounced)

Have fun with it!


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