[olsr-dev] I'm thinking about putting a patched - unofficial - version of olsrd-0.4.10 online

Elektra Elektra (spam-protected)
Sat Jan 13 22:38:43 CET 2007

Hello Dan -

> I'll throw my support behind this idea!  You're right - getting the right 
> patches and knowing the *real* optimised config-file settings is like 
> finding your way through a moving labrynth.  This info needs to be 
> centralised somewhere.  Ideally, olsr.org would be the place - but recent,
> real-world documentation is hard to find there.  Also, a lot of guys I
> talk 
> to in Australia find it hard to find *any* useful information about OLSR
> in 
> English at all.  They go to the freifunk site and are turned off by all
> the 
> Deutsch.  Personally, I'm seriously considering learning German to get a 
> better understanding - if I can find the time - but not everyone here is
> so 
> dedicated.

a labyrinth is on your way through the patches and getting a configuration that works, yes. The point for development is and will be olsr.org.

I'm just publicly thinking about a up-to-date tarball somewhere now.

Of course the documentation leaves plenty of space for many questions - but the Freifunk Forum is not olsr specific - people raise all kinds of questions about antennas, routers, firewalls etc. there. If you want to dive into the olsr matter I'd recommend to see the presentations of Andreas on the olsr.org site, the presentation that I did (www.scii.nl/~elektra) and read all README's in the source directory.

You have to be aware that the presentations from Andreas cover mostly the RFC-stuff, while the presentation on scii.nl explains why we added FishEye  (it was the latest improvement to olsr that I was taking part in.) You'll find the presentation on video.google.com - it is in English, so no reason to bother about Deutsch. Look for Elektra and olsr.

With the patched code and the modification in the Makefile (I added some changes to the LQ-Fisheye config as well) just a 'make && make install' and adding the correct interface name(s) into the interface section of the config should get you started.

The config-file is long but should be pretty much self explanatory - of course there is still some olsr-geek-speak ;)

I'm confident this discussion will lead to a solution soon.

cu elektra 
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