[olsr-dev] Selfish LQ

giuseppe de marco (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 28 09:11:24 CET 2007

Suppose I am a malicious node.
Suppose that the true LQ toward a node is 4, but I declare (forge) a 
HELLO packet in such a way the LQ toward that node
will be 1. In this way, possibly, a node will route its traffic through 
me and not through other legitimate nodes.
It makes sense or I am loosing something?

Giuseppe De Marco, phD
Toyota Technological Institute
468-8511 Aichi 2-12-1 Hisakata, Tenpaku-ku, 
Nagoya, Japan
Email: demarco at toyota-ti dot ac dot jp
Tel (int): +81 (052)-809-1802
Skype-Id: giuseppe_dem2

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