[olsr-dev] SIP-Client Plugin and SIP-Proxy Plugin Developement

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Tue Feb 13 13:00:04 CET 2007

Hy all,

for my master thesis I'm developing a SIP support for the OLSR.ORG implementation. I decided to integrate it via the Plugin structure. Therefore I will realice it in 2 seperate Plugins - one for the client mannaging and one for the Proxy service(Register, adress mapping, etc.). Therefore the proxy plugins will be executed at the MPR's. 

What do you think about this architectural concept?
Do you have any suggestions for me?

Since I'm new to this olsr  impl, I will have some questions about some features functions etc. WOuld be great if you could help me with some.
Lets start with one:

So in a Plugin in a normal node, i want to get the IP adress of its MPR.
Which variable represents these?

I got one other problem additionally: When I try to compile a plugin with gcc under Windows it results no .o file. I got some warnings, which occure from win32api classes. But I could not recognise errors.

May be you could offer me links where I can find the adequate win32API and gcc compiler as well as the appropriate call-parameters of gcc ( yet I just used the parameters offerd by the plugin tutorial)

PLEASE Help me

Thanks in advance 
best regards 

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