[Olsr-dev] advanced policy routing patch

otti (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 23 17:22:27 CET 2007


I wrote a patch, that allows to keep the default route in an extra
routing table. This makes policy routing much easier. I also included
policy routing in the man page and added an extra option to turn off the
duplicated ipv4 default route when policy routing is active.

would you please include this patch into your sources.

By testing the code I also found a few bugs:

* olsrd crashes when accessing httpinfo over network
* when i use 2 interfaces (wl0 und tap1) and tap1 isn't there when olsrd
starts, it first works fine (all routes via wl0), but when tap1 comes up
all routes go via tap1. Restarting olsrd fixes this (routes via wl0 and
* routes are randomly missing, when i restart olsrd new route appaer and
other vanish, but the routingtable is always shorter than with an older
version ( -D "2007-12-3 09:07:00" )

this was testet with cvs checkout from yesterday on kamikaze 7.09 / brcm

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