[Olsr-dev] virtual net for olsr study

clowncoder (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 22 18:26:13 CET 2007

I have made a simulated network with which you can study olsr with
it is at http://clownix.net, uml_clownix_net_03.tar.gz, 
It contains an LFS-based file-system fully equiped for compilation and
network observation (tshark, tcpdump...), the uml kernel 
and a software that can simulate all the networking for this platform.
It comes with 3 ready-to-run demoes: ospf, olsr and mipv6 (mobility ipv6).
It is a great tool for live network observation, the tap1 of the 
local machine can see all packets of all the simulated network, 
and by using wireshark in the host on tap1 you see the protocoles live!
(sadly, my wireshark does not decode completely olsr messages)

Note: there will never be any advertisement at clownix.net and it will
always provide gpl stuff, so, could somebody put a link pointing to 
it from one of the olsr sites?

Olsr may need packet losses, I could implement it with ease, but 
I do not know what kind of random drops are needed, if you can 
explain it, I can code it.

Vincent Perrier

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