[Olsr-dev] Seeking comments: OLSR+ETX v/s DSR+ETX

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 18 16:29:11 CET 2007

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Hannes Gredler schrieb:
>> instead of telling each other that ETX is fine, i would like to know
>> what kind of voodoo is meant.
>> living in freifunk community i alway encounter people telling me, the
>> greatest shit is fine when you ask such things.
>> so, it would be nice to see some critics from the outside, what is
>> voodoo and how "should" it be right?
> sorry,  i don't get it what you are concerned about.
> could please re-phrase your question/concerns ?

sebastian wrote:
- --- snipp ---
this part is not properly implemented in OLSR at the moment, in fact
the current implementation can only be explained by "voodoo-magic" but
not on the grounds of rational thought.
- --- snipp ---

the common reaction on the list was something like: "everything is fine,
it will get better".

on the other side do we all agree that current implementation of ETX is
not the optimum.

Even if ETT is the next step (i hope so and i look forward to it),
suddenly there is a guy talking about voodoo.

so, instead of telling him about how good it is, why not find out what
he is talking about, maybe he got some helpful information.

maybe i exaggerated a bit, in this case i have to apologize.

> /hannes

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