[olsr-dev] dropping OLSRd-pakets / VPN

Bastian Bittorf (spam-protected)
Sun Oct 29 22:33:41 CET 2006


> The only disadvantage would be that you won't be able to roam
> between 
> different freifunk-meshes and keep your local IP everywhere.

Yes, but we need this in our special case.

Long story short: 
The dirty solution is now to drop about 90%
of all wired olsr-packets with a 90% gain of olsr traffic.

Now we could need an LQ-mechanism with
values greater then "1.0" to make obviously bad
ETX's better.

bye, Bastian Bittorf /weimarnetz.de


TYPE="UDP --sport 698"

while true
 iptables -D OUTPUT -o ! $WIFIDEV -p $TYPE -j DROP
 iptables -I OUTPUT -o ! $WIFIDEV -p $TYPE ACCEPT
 sleep 6
 iptables -D OUTPUT -o ! $WIFIDEV -p $TYPE -j ACCEPT
 iptables -I OUTPUT -o ! $WIFIDEV -p $TYPE -j DROP
 sleep 54
done &

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