[olsr-dev] dropping OLSRd-pakets / VPN

Daniel Poelzleithner (spam-protected)
Sat Oct 28 18:51:53 CEST 2006

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onelektra wrote:

> use HNA to announce the subnet(s) from the other end of the tunnel to
> your local mesh and vice versa. And manually add route entrys to your
> routing table. Or - even better - use a routing protocol from the wired
> world.

What bastian is trying to optimize is a intra mesh vpn that is holding
together a mesh network trough internet vpn connections.
You can't use HNA Annoucment there. Over the VPN Connections olsr is
spoken with a central internet node. Usually the ETX value is increased
for every link, so only in case the wireless links are really bad, the
vpn is used. Its a great technique but causes a lot of traffic overhead
over the inet links.

For inter city routes we already build a nice tinc/bgp network :)

I thought about a different mode for vpn links. On VPN links you have
different conditions then in the wireless world. You can be mostly sure,
package drops are irrelevant. ETX is usually arround 1. OLSR over wire
would be enough to transport topology changes, and even they could be
much slower then normal.

kindly regards
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