[olsr-dev] Basic Query

Kim Hawtin (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 27 09:19:58 CEST 2006

y varun wrote:
> Can Someone tell me how an OLSR and non-olsr interface
> on   a same node can communicate with each other ,
> both the interfaces being  on the same networks and
> different networks(i mean in both the cases)

If two hosts are on the same ethernet segment, then they communicate as
they normally would, so long as the both have a route entry for the
network that they are attached to.

If you have a router that attaches two networks together, then the two
hosts in question can set the router as the default gateway and the
router will deal with it. Alternatively the two hosts will have to have
two network routes, one for the network they are on, and another for the
'other' network on the other side of the rotuer ;)

Unless I miss-read your question (maybe i did its been a long week).
A single host, with multiple interfaces on it, a process will be able to
communicate to all local interfaces on the host. You can get a process
to listen on only one interface, too.


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