[olsr-dev] bug in mdi code

Acinonyx (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 10 04:29:04 CET 2006

Erik Tromp:
> Andreas, Daniƫl,
> If the main IP address changes, there is no problem. The existing MID sets in all other nodes time out and a new MID set is created
> with the new main IP address.
> The problem arises when one of the non-main IP addresses changes. The problem in the current olsr code is either that:
> * individual alias entries never time out, or
> * incoming MID messages are scanned for new aliases, but not scanned for removed aliases.
> (whichever you like most :-)
> I think we should update the code in the function olsr_process_received_mid (file process_package.c).
> The following lines in that function only check for *new* MID declarations:
>   while(tmp_adr)
>     {
>       if(!mid_lookup_main_addr(&tmp_adr->alias_addr))
>        {
>          OLSR_PRINTF(1, "MID new: (%s, ", olsr_ip_to_string(&message.mid_origaddr))
>          OLSR_PRINTF(1, "%s)\n", olsr_ip_to_string(&tmp_adr->alias_addr))
>          insert_mid_alias(&message.mid_origaddr, &tmp_adr->alias_addr, (float)message.vtime);
>        }
>       tmp_adr = tmp_adr->next;
>     }
> We should also check if there are aliases in our local set, which are no longer declared by the received MID message. If so, remove
> these aliases from our local set.
> Erik
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I also have the same problem. If a neighbor changes its main address, 
olsrd mid entry for the neighbor times out but neighbor's main address 
doesn't get updated.

I think that neighbor's main address gets updated only when a new link 
entry is created. I believe we could solve the problem by force deleting 
all link entries when a neighbor changes its main address.

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