[olsr-dev] Windows compilation question

Michael Voorhaen (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 27 16:59:22 CEST 2006


I have been working with the UniK olsrd for a while now, but always under a
Linux environment. Now one of the projects I am working on requires me to
run olsr on a windows platform. One of the things that I'm responsible for
is making an asessment of possible OLSR implementations that could be used
for this particular project.

I know there is support for compiling it with GCC under cygwin, but I don't
seem to find any documention or support for using a Visual Studio C++
compiler. Has anyone done this, or tried this so I can get an idea of how
feasible this would be. I'm mostly interested in the protocol, not the gui
if this is any help.

Best Regards,
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