[olsr-dev] new ipc

Lorenz Schori (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 7 16:45:40 CET 2006

Am 07.03.2006 um 15:42 schrieb Thomas Clavier:

> Lorenz Schori a écrit :
>> Am 07.03.2006 um 14:22 schrieb Thomas Lopatic:
>>> [...]
>>>> so let's think a bit further about a better ipc. for me a better  
>>>> ipc
>>>> would dump all the interesting data after a client connected or  
>>>> (for  a
>>>> two-way protocol) after the client expressed it's interests.  
>>>> even  data
>>> I would prefer to make this a pure request/response protocol. Let  
>>> the
>>> client request information and only then supply the information (and
>>> only the requested information).
>> i don't like this so much because for a desktop application like  
>> frontend (in contrast to web frontend) it is more conveniant to  
>> just receive updates, not to poll every x seconds the whole bunch  
>> of information.
> I prefer a pure request/response protocol ... but for a passiv  
> desktop application a solution is the implementation of request  
> "send every N"

ok i see. you are tending towards some sort of http like  
implementation. perhaps using plain http would be not so stupid at  
all because of it's availability.

"GET /capability" -> return protocol (core + plugin) names and  
available fields. eg:
route: state,destination,gateway,metric,etx,interface,type
link: state,localip,remoteip,hysteresis,linkquality,lost,total,nlq,etx

perhaps the client knows exactly what it wants:
"GET /?route=destination+gateway+etx&link=localip,remoteip,etx
route: xx.xxx.xx.xxx xx.xxx.xx.xx x.xx
route: yy.yyy.yy.yyy yy.yyy.yy.yy y.yy
link: zz.zzz.zz.z zz.zzz.zz.zz zz.zz

perhaps the client is a programmer who wants to debug
"GET /" -> dumps everything

or just for monitoring (using wget -q0 -)
"GET /?mode=forewer" -> does it forewer

i don't intend to use something like soap xml or html. just plaintext  
over http.
your thoughts?

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