[olsr-dev] new ipc

Thomas Clavier (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 7 15:42:43 CET 2006

Lorenz Schori a écrit :
> Am 07.03.2006 um 14:22 schrieb Thomas Lopatic:
>> [...]
>>> so let's think a bit further about a better ipc. for me a better ipc
>>> would dump all the interesting data after a client connected or (for  a
>>> two-way protocol) after the client expressed it's interests. even  data
>> I would prefer to make this a pure request/response protocol. Let the
>> client request information and only then supply the information (and
>> only the requested information).
> i don't like this so much because for a desktop application like 
> frontend (in contrast to web frontend) it is more conveniant to just 
> receive updates, not to poll every x seconds the whole bunch of 
> information.

I prefer a pure request/response protocol ... but for a passiv desktop 
application a solution is the implementation of request "send every N"

For example, if i wante to write a passiv frontend that gets the OLSR 
routes, I send something like "send every 10s\r\n get routes\r\n" to olsrd

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