[olsr-dev] TC messages sent by non-MPR nodes

Eduard GV (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 6 19:50:42 CET 2006

Hi all,

According to RFC 3626 (9.3): "In order to build the topology
information base, each node, which has been selected as MPR,
broadcasts Topology Control (TC) messages."

I understood that only MPR nodes sent TC messages, but testing
different values of TC_REDUNDANCY Parameter, I saw that actually ALL
nodes send TC messages. When TC_REDUNDANCY = 2, all nodes broadcast
their neighboring set, independently of their MPR condition.

Both Unik's and INRIA's OLSRs perform likewise (though INRIA's detects
an "inconsistency" when working with TC_REDUNDANCY=2).

...so I guess I misinterpreted the RFC jargon. Am I right (now), or is it a bug?

Sometimes it seems that you need to be a lawyer to understand
technical documentation :(

Thank you.

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