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Lorenz Schori (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 6 11:36:35 CET 2006

hi thomas

i did not look at tas because i'm working on osx. further i'm not  
sure anymore if all those frontend and data capturing plugins are  
really the way to go. i favour a proper ipc implementation where data  
from olsr core and data from plugins would be accessible thru the  
same connection in an uniform way... just dreamin :).


Am 06.03.2006 um 08:44 schrieb Thomas Lopatic:

> Hi Lorenz.
> [...]
>> 1. all the html/css/images are hardcoded into c strings. is there   
>> some
>> sort of command line tool which could automate this process?
> No, unfortunately not. This currently has to be done manually.  
> However,
> some day the httpinfo plugin will probably superseded by the "tas"
> plugin, which implements a tiny application server (hence the name)
> which is basically a very simple web-server with an integrated
> light-weight PHP-like scripting language named "Lua". You can then
> simply create HTML pages with embedded scripts by using "<?lua  
> [...] ?>"
> just like you would use "<?php [...] ?>" in a PHP environment.
> However, it will take a while until this plugin has matured. So,
> currently there isn't any way around manually modifying the hard-coded
> HTML in httpinfo.
>> 2. i'd like to display the names of the nodes if the nameservice   
>> plugin
>> is loaded. is it possible to access symbols in other plugins?
> An interesting idea. For version 0.4.10 we have substantially modified
> the way in which plugins access functions and variables in olsrd. They
> are now simply dynamically linked against olsrd. On some platforms
> supported by olsrd your idea may actually work, i.e. by linking your
> plugin against olsrd plus the nameservice plugin, you should be  
> able to
> use functions and variables from both. At least that would be my  
> guess.
> [...]
> -Thomas
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