[olsr-dev] httpinfo + viz

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 6 08:44:07 CET 2006

Hi Lorenz.


> 1. all the html/css/images are hardcoded into c strings. is there  some
> sort of command line tool which could automate this process?

No, unfortunately not. This currently has to be done manually. However,
some day the httpinfo plugin will probably superseded by the "tas"
plugin, which implements a tiny application server (hence the name)
which is basically a very simple web-server with an integrated
light-weight PHP-like scripting language named "Lua". You can then
simply create HTML pages with embedded scripts by using "<?lua [...] ?>"
just like you would use "<?php [...] ?>" in a PHP environment.

However, it will take a while until this plugin has matured. So,
currently there isn't any way around manually modifying the hard-coded
HTML in httpinfo.

> 2. i'd like to display the names of the nodes if the nameservice  plugin
> is loaded. is it possible to access symbols in other plugins?

An interesting idea. For version 0.4.10 we have substantially modified
the way in which plugins access functions and variables in olsrd. They
are now simply dynamically linked against olsrd. On some platforms
supported by olsrd your idea may actually work, i.e. by linking your
plugin against olsrd plus the nameservice plugin, you should be able to
use functions and variables from both. At least that would be my guess.



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