[olsr-dev] OLSR vs. FON

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Thu Jun 1 19:18:56 CEST 2006


FON.com has grown very much. I think it is the same as OLSR, but only with a commercial aspect. It would be good, if communities could built each other without central registration and payment to fon.

So I want to see OLSR growing.

Therefore, in a big crowd, we need at least 2 main things: auti-ip-configuration and maybe end-to-end encryption, that some nodes do not manipulate or control  all the other nodes. No Neighbours logging please, we had this in the DDR.

Sven-Ola, you said, that you sold the meshing auto-ip dll to a company.
Can you tell me which company this was ? was it meshnode? 

I think the management there needs a turnaround, they want to sell antennas, but they should give the meshing auto ip configuration DLL free and therefore rename the OLSR protocol to Meshnode-OLSR.

Then the network of free and easy connecting wifi chips will grow and all foneros will be freifunker. In this context as well antellas and routers could be sold.

Otherwise FON will build up the infrastructure.
We need a switch from fon to freifunk, see the fon webpage, they offers routers for 19 euro and have as well the maps actualized and already there are in germany for example more foneros than freifunker.

Please be sure to keep this up to date


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