[olsr-dev] Suggestion: more command-line options

Dan Flett (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 5 08:16:22 CET 2006

Hi all,

First of all, congrats to the OLSR team on releasing v0.4.10.  A giant leap
forward in MANET routing efficiency I'm sure.

Now my suggestion for olsrd.  I'd like to be able to call olsrd with more
command-line options.  I use the dhcp/dns program Dnsmasq under OpenWRT and
I love it because it is so well suited to embedded environments.  With
Dnsmasq every config-file option is also supported as a command-line option.
This means dnsmasq can be executed with options that are shell environment
variables.  So it can be extensively customised with a web-interface GUI
with no need to create a temp config file.  The web interface just passes
it's parameters directly to the shell command as environment variables.

Check out the man pages for dnsmasq and dnsmasq.conf and see how the
command-line and config-file options are identical:

Because olsrd has comparatively few command-line options, GUI interfaces
often have to dynamically create the config file as a temporary file to be
able to configure certain options.  I think this is a bit of an ugly way to
go about configuring olsrd.

Would it be very difficult to include most or all of olsrd's config-file
options as command-line options also?



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