[olsr-dev] Quagga-Plugin

Immo 'FaUl' Wehrenberg (spam-protected)
Sun Apr 23 13:46:21 CEST 2006

I wrote:
> Hallo Vincent,
> du schrobst:
> > I'll check to commit your Quagga patch into the head of Quagga's CVS.
> I tried to apply the patch against latest cvs, but seems that there is
> a big change in quagga/zebra/zebra_vty.c so there is some additional
> work to be done. 

Ok, here (http://do.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/quagga-20060423-olsr.diff) 
is the diff against quagga-cvs from today, you'll need the latest 
svn-snapshot of olsr-quagga (get it at 
svn://sun.do.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/olsr-quagga/trunk/quagga) as 
well to use the plugin with the current quagga-cvs because they did an 
zebra-protocol-change (I hope they don't do any more changes in near 

so long,

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