[olsr-dev] olsr results in intermittent rate interrution?

Chang Jiang (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 1 07:14:02 CEST 2005

Hi all,

When I measure the end-to-end traffic rate of terminals in my ad-hoc network 
with OLSR routing, I found the traffic rate suffers intermittent 
interruption. The phenomenon disappeared after I replace the OLSR routing 
with static routing (add route in the routing table).

What's the reason? Thanks.

Two nodes (with 2 NIC -eth0,eth1): Node1, Node2
eth1 in each node runs the olsrd.
eth0 works as the accessing NIC.

Two terminals: terminal_1, terminal_2
terminal_1 access to the eth0 of node 1;
terminal_2 access to the eth0 of node 2;
1. Redhat Linux 9.0
2. olsrd 0.4.9

terminal_1<--->|eth0 eth1|<------>|eth1 eth0|<------>terminal_2
                              Node1                 Node2 

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