[olsr-dev] LQ code enhancements

onelektra (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 2 15:25:46 CET 2005


> i think there is nothing wrong with calculating the LQ from bigger/combined 
> packets - quite in contrary i think this is a good idea. 

I dont oppose to send bigger packets to measure LQ - that is a really 
good idea.

Of course, having bigger packets show you a loss that is similar to the 
loss of the payload. We were thinking about bigger hello's of a fixed 
size by filling them up to a certain size in the first place.

So that approach is good - you avoid emitting unnecessary traffic to 
create bigger packets if you squeeze other data into it that you have to 
transmit anyway.

But I d suggest not to try calculating/weighting loss against paketsize. 
You may want to do that if you want to find the best packetsize that 
gives you the highest throughput, like TCP does.

I d suggest to measure the loss of packets that have always the *same* 
packetsize, to stay with the KISS approach.

cu elektra

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