[olsr-dev] plug-in message size

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 27 16:14:07 CET 2005

You don't have to use a buffer of fixed size when pushing data
on the net buffers. The net buffer functions takes a pointer to a
olsr_u8_t and the size of the buffer as parameter - so in reallity
you can build your packet in any way you like as long as it it
"serialized" in memory when passed to the net buffer functions.

- Andreas

Daniel Jaskiewicz wrote:
> Hello Im creating a plug-in where the message size will not be fixed.  I 
> read the messges from last month(Dec14) about a similar problem but did 
> not totally understand it. In my case Im trying to send an array of 
> bytes from java to olsrd to attach the message and piggyback it into the 
> network. In the olsrd_plugin.h file you have to specify a size of the 
> message, here is mine:
> struct dimsg
> {
> char dimsg [100]
> }
> when I retrieve the message from the java app and attach it to the dimsg 
> of the packet, the buffer will not be totally full before I send it into 
> the network:
> Is there a solution to this? I hope!!!
> Thanks in advance
> Daniel
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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