[olsr-dev] plug-in message size

Daniel Jaskiewicz (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 27 14:38:06 CET 2005

Hello Im creating a plug-in where the message size will not be fixed.  I 
read the messges from last month(Dec14) about a similar problem but did not 
totally understand it. In my case Im trying to send an array of bytes from 
java to olsrd to attach the message and piggyback it into the network. In 
the olsrd_plugin.h file you have to specify a size of the message, here is 
struct dimsg
char dimsg [100]

when I retrieve the message from the java app and attach it to the dimsg of 
the packet, the buffer will not be totally full before I send it into the 
Is there a solution to this? I hope!!!
Thanks in advance

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