[olsr-dev] LQ code enhancements

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 28 13:16:20 CET 2005

Hi Sven-Ola,

> just an Idea, I would like to mention. Is it possible to consider the OLSR
> packet size when calculating LQ/NLQ? A big 1400 byte packet should have more
> weight than a short 28 byte mini packet. As far as I can tell, the LQ code
> just counts packets...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also think that this is something to 
consider in the future. I think that many interesting ideas have been 
voiced on the mailing lists concerning an improved, configurable, and 
flexible metric that is a superset of ETX, and that weighting small 
packets different from larger packets is something that we should look into.

I fully agree that we should experiment with these things, but first I'd 
like to make the current link quality code stable, so that we have a 
good foundation from which to start.


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