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Jon Andersson (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 23 12:06:37 CET 2005


I would suggest that you looked a bit further, and considered updates to the
security plugin, e.g.
 - automatic generation, change and/or update of the static, pre-shared key
(Static keys makes my skin crawl...)
 - automated re-keying to exclude users
 - authenication of users
 - etc...

The solution selected in the security plugin (static, pre-shared key) was
only meant as a simple proof of concept.

Unfortunately we never got around to changing it to something better :-(

I know there has been made extensions on the security plugin that covers
parts of what I described above, but the paper describing it has not been
publiched yet.



>thanks for your reply. Well, here in Berlin we are working on a small
>registry system to manage IPs and participants. For now, nearly all users
>are cooperative which means there is always a chance to make an email note
>to the one injecting wrong/disfunct HNA4s.
>To be prepared for the things to come its always good to have options. One
>of these options will be the secure plugin - we may distribute the key via
>email just to make sure the database entry of a participant is correct. If
>rejecting HNAs is not an option, there are plenty of methods left for
>adjusted responses to administrative/technical problems anyhow.
>Regards, Sven-Ola
>"Andreas "T√łnnesen"" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>> Hi Sven,
>> The secure plugin only uses a SHA-1 hash function from openSSL
>as far as I
>> can remember. I just used the openSSL lib since it is the most widespread
>> lib for theese things. I think it's a good idea to use a much
>smaller lib,
>> (or perhaps include hashing code in the plugin?). All you really
>need is a
>> hashing function, so if MatrixSSL supports SHA-1/MD5 etc. (which I guess
>> it does), it should work fine :)
>> Regarding your HNA blocking question that is a rather tricky
>one. This has
>> been discussed before and I belive we came to the conclusion
>that it would
>> not be supported in officcial olsrd code. The problem is that
>this kind of
>> functionallity has to be distributed if we are to avoid routing loops.
>> I think the best way is to create a plugin that will broadcast a set of
>> IPs to ignore when parsing HNA messages. But then there is the security
>> issue...
>> I fully agree that this would be a useful feature but IMO it can only be
>> done if it is distributed.
>> - Andreas
>>> Hello oncemore,
>>> while I'am in questioning mode - the secure olsr plugin rely on the
>>> OpenSSL
>>> library which is really huge (in terms of flash/disk space usage). Is
>>> there
>>> a chance to link it against MatrixSSL?
>>> Regards,
>>> Sven-Ola
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