[olsr-dev] strange using of times() ?

Bernd Petrovitsch (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 28 17:54:27 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 00:21 +0100, Thomas Capricelli wrote:
> i had the pb of olsrd refusing to start. The error being in src/scheduler.c, 

Which version exactly?

> around line #120
> times() returns an error, with errno=2, ("no such file or directory")

Depending on the exact version, 
-) return values of sys-calls are compared "< 0" instead of "==
   -1" (yes, I will send patches tro fix them if 0.4.10 is out).
   And yes, there were bug reports of this.
-) errno might have been overwritten on errors. I already sent patches
   but I don't know if I got all cases and if all of them are fixed.
   (And I'm also waiting for 0.4.10).

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