[olsr-dev] strange using of times() ?

Thomas Capricelli (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 28 00:21:02 CET 2005


i had the pb of olsrd refusing to start. The error being in src/scheduler.c, 
around line #120
times() returns an error, with errno=2, ("no such file or directory")

The server runs a 2.6.14 kernel on a i386. olsrd had run for months with no pb 

strace shows :
times({tms_utime=0, tms_stime=0, tms_cutime=0, tms_cstime=0}) = -2141575378

Going back to the kernel (kernel/sys.c) i can read : 
       return (long) jiffies_64_to_clock_t(get_jiffies_64());

The server had an uptime of 50days. So i suspected the returned value was too 
high for a 32bit system. I rebooted, and it worked again. I'm not sure why. 
But still worth a bug filling. 

I've had some problem of olsrd exiting for some unknown reason on some node 
(where i dont have the output of olsrd).

Could that be that olsrd exits after a fixed period of uptime, less than 50 
days, because of what i've said  ?


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