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Jan Kantert (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 1 22:28:38 CEST 2005

Good evening!

Would not it be enough to just export all data in XML and let the user put it all together using an XML-parser? Everybody could generate his own nice webpage using Apache and PHP or Perl.


Am Fri, 01 Apr 2005 07:55:37 +0200
schrieb Andreas Tønnesen <(spam-protected)>:

> Spoggle is absolutley right here, you cannot do this safley
> without making fundamental changes to the plugin(multithread it).
> In theory, even reading local files is blocking I/O and should
> not be done in the current plugin.
> This KISS style design(non-multithreaded) was chosen because
> the plugin should be as light weight as possible to be able to
> run on embedded systems of all kinds.
> But if the file is already available via HTTP, why not just add
> a link?
> - Andreas

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